What we do


Interior Renovations

Being a versatile construction company we are able to provide our customers with a full range of renovation services from demolition to finishing. We have skilled employees that are able to work with our customers to turn renovation ideas into living realities. Some of our high quality interior carpentry includes homeowners renovating their kitchens and bathrooms in the areas of re-tiling, cabinetry and countertops.

Exterior Repairs

From Interior to Exterior we can also fix your Windows, Roofing, Siding and Skirting. By order with our suppliers we can offer almost any Color and Style variation that our customer can Dream up.

Overhead Door Repair

Home garages, commercial and Industrial sized overhead doors are our specialty. We can order and/or install any shape and size. We provide, with our experienced technicians, general maintenance on your overhead doors. We inspect and offer our recommendations on upkeep and or repairs that should be done on the spot or for the future. We also offer a 24/7 call out services for emergency repairs

Property Management

Our company owns several commercial and residential buildings that we rent out to tenants at a competitive rate. Our commercial space includes Warehousing, retail and office spaces. The residential units include single dwelling homes along with apartments from 1 – 2 bedroom units. We pride ourselves on keeping our tenants happy, with keeping our units current in regards to expected living conditions. We take pride in giving our tenenants peace and quites in their units that have been reciently renovated o   Renting of Residential Apartments o   Renting of Commercial Space/Offices o   Maintenance & General Repairs for Rental Units

Commercial Cartage

o   Office Furniture o   Office Equipment o   Company Files