Who are we?


Incorporated in 1994, True North was formed by two friends who met in Cape Dorst in the late seventies. One, Alain Carriere, was a carpenter, heavy equipment operator and general all ‘round mechanical type person, while the other, Steve Birrell was an accountant and small business person. Starting out of a rented garage and using a clapped out old Bell ‘Tele-Lift’ truck, the partners took on any job that would pay and gradually built the company up to the point that it could bid on Nunavut Housing Corporation public housing builds. Throughout the mid to late nineties, True North built houses, duplexes and row housing in Cape Dorset, Kimmirut, Qikiqtarjuaq and Iqaluit. Before abandoning the public housing new construction market, True North had built 76 units in those south Qikiqtaaluk communities. Ever the entrepreneur, Alain Carriere left the company in 1999 to start Nunatta Environmental Services Inc with his spouse, Pitseolak Shoo. With his absence, the company decided to specialize in maintenance, renovation and federal government work. One of the reasons that we are not as well known as our competition, is that we have largely, until 2012, stayed out of the ‘private owner’ market. Instead our concentration was on Municipal. Government and Corporate work. With Birrell’s purchase of Carriere’s shares in the business in 2010 came a change in corporate strategy. This change included a less ‘fly-in – fl-out’ workforce and a new emphasis on millennial hires. As a result, True North Properties has broadened its approach from a offering strictly commercial services to addressing home owners needs, specializing in interior renovations, retro fits and house additions. We now have an entirely local workforce who know their town, know their clients and know that our value proposition includes tight time schedules, quality work and providing warranty follow-up where required. We stand by our work, are proud of our workers and confident in our abilities.